I was able to attend Essence Festival this year! It was a bunch of fun. I thought a lot of my peers would be attending, I mean with the movie Girls Trip made it more relevant. My mom and her friend had been years past. So I was familiar and had it on my radar but of course the movie made me want to go a little more. I thought a lot of people would be going, but when I asked people if they were going the number one response I got was “everything is sold out!” The other response was “I’ll be there next year”, basically no one had planned in advance, so they weren’t going!

Today I wanted to share what I have learned about getting to Essence, and most importantly, how to do it on a budget!

1. Do Your Research

Find out about Essence and what it is! See if you are truly interested in the experience. I know it was all the buzz after the Girls Trip movie. However, it’s kind of an investment to go and not know what you are getting into. You can find a lot of information directly from Essence on their website. Check out the list of past events and see if these are the types of things that you are interested in

2. Plan Ahead

We all know that Essence happens on the same weekend, in the same place EVERY YEAR. So why wait until the last minute if you know you want to go? Trust me; you will end up spending more money by waiting until the last minute. As the event gets closer, they will announce headliners and performances. You will start to see artists and influencers you follow on social media are going to be there. See where they will be and start making an action plan for the weekend!

3. Set a Budget

After you know that you want to hit Essence, start working on your budget. Start researching hotels, flights (if applicable), restaurants, events that you want to attend while in New Orleans! There are a ton of things to do so try to plan accordingly. Be sure to factor in meals, dranks, and outfits if you need to shop before you go! When setting up the budget in advance you give yourself the opportunity to break the cost down in to small chunks that make it realistic!

Following these 3 easy steps will give you the opportunity to hit Essence and it not be a huge financial burden at the last minute! Before you know it it will be time to catch that flight and you will be at the concert groovin and living your best life!


If you’re interested in some of my personal overall experience check out my blog post on osojazy.com!

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