Y’all we are about to Build a Budget, from scratch! It’s time to get on the road to budgeting bliss…

Wait, I don’t know if that’s really a thing but it sounds pretty good to me. So let’s just roll with it…

We are kicking off the first blogging series Build a Budget!  *and the crowd goes wild*

With this series, we are going to go through the process of creating a budget that really works.

I have gone through a lot of trial and error as it pertains to building a budget. I have tried many different things, tried taking shortcuts, skipping the hard parts, the quick fixes (that don’t work), we have done the leg work for you, tried and failed many times and are now sharing what works!

This series will take you through the steps to build a budget that you can stick with and maintain your bougie way of life. If you stick with this guide you will figure out what works for you, and what doesn’t, which is equally important.

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First things first, there are a few things that I believe are crucial for you to contemplate before you start the process of building a budget.

Asking yourself these few questions will help you focus so you can get going:

  • What do I want to accomplish by creating this budget?
  • What changes do I wish to see in the immediate future?
  • What are my long term financial goals that having a budget will help me achieve?
  • What habits am I looking to change?
  • Why is this important to me?

Now, I want you to take the time to actually pull out a pen and paper and write these things down. There is something magical that happens when you write out your goals on paper. Seeing it written in your own handwriting makes it that much more real, and gets the universe on your side to making them happen!


Set aside some quiet time and get intimate with these questions. Really devote some time and energy to getting the answers out and onto paper.

Some of the answers may overlap, but that’s okay, because the point is to focus in on the end goal.

This is the prerequisite to starting the budget, we aren’t going to rush this.

The major key to this step is to hone in on your “why”

Take the time and write it out, if you need some assistance or just wanna bounce your ideas around feel free to email me at heyoso@bougieandthebudget.com

Until next time…

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