If you are Bougie or perhaps want to be. You definitely NEED to be on a budget. Unless, maybe you are Beyoncé and Jay, Diddy, Oprah level rich then you can skip this… otherwise you need a budget. Although, I am pretty sure that B, Jay, Diddy and Oprah have some version of a budget too.

The thing is you have to understand what a budget is to get into this…

I’m going to go ahead and give my own definition of budget. So anytime you read about budgeting on this blog, you can utilize my personal interpretation of a budget. For the sake of my life, this blog and for y’all…

A budget is a written account of the comings and goings of the money.

Key word being written, that’s where the game changes. You have to write it down. This can be by hand, which I am more partial too, but you can also do this electronically via spreadsheet or app. The point is you have to write it out plain, so you can know how much is coming in and how much is going out.


You have to know where your money is going if you want to change your financial trajectory. You have to manage your money; you can’t allow it to manage you. In order to afford a bougie lifestyle, you have to know how much is coming and what needs to go out. This is the best money advice I have ever received. So in this inaugural post I am passing it along to you. It makes perfect sense, how can you control what you don’t know?

“You can’t heal what you don’t reveal”
Jay-Z (Kill Jay-Z – 4:44)

We have to change our relationship with money to change the trajectory of our financial lives. We have to control the money, the money can’t control us. It’s a process. One step at a time we can do this. Together.

By changing a few small things, we can begin to make big changes. For instance, I don’t use the word broke. That’s the first and last time you will see it here on this blog. I removed this word from my life years ago. I don’t subscribe to that “B” word. I don’t want that energy around me at all. So I don’t say it, I don’t think it. I am going to recommend that you remove it from your life as well. Don’t say it. Don’t think it. You won’t be it. Simple. I live by this, so if you have that “B” word energy. Stay over dat way.

Speak life into your finances. What you believe and speak into your life will manifest itself. On the road to financial freedom we have to be clear about what we want and we have to steer clear of what we don’t want in our lives. This doesn’t mean that we will never be without money, that the funds won’t get low. It just means that we don’t want that “B” word in our life. It’s a mentality of never having enough, or always being in lack. That “B” word sounds hard, sad and desperate. That’s not the Bougie way. We empower ourselves along with our finances.

From here on out, we are speaking life into our finances. We don’t use the “B” word.

If we can remove what we don’t want from our lives, then we can make more room for what we do want. That’s what being Bougie is, living life on my own terms with the things and experiences that I want for myself and my family.

So no more “B” word, we gon’ replace it with a better B word. BUDGET.


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