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This is a place for people that like fancy things, but are trying to be fiscally responsible. I have found that personal finances are a taboo thing to talk about in social settings or just period. I come from a place where the money came, and the money went, period. There was no talk of saving, credit or wealth.

I have created this platform as a way of sharing what I have learned/am learning about being financially responsible, getting out of debt and building wealth. My goal is to inspire more people who look like me, and come from similar backgrounds to retain some of this information and change the financial trajectory of their lives, and hopefully future generations.

However, I am still a little bougie, so I am not doing this by being cheap or depriving myself of my best life; it’s about balance. I am not quite “gazelle intense” at this point, I am just trying to continuously get better, in hopes of improving all of my tomorrows.

Welcome, and Thank You for being here!

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I come from a place where the money came and the money went

How do we intend to serve

Bougie and the Budget is a lifestyle blog, focused on budgeting, personal finance and the steps it takes to be fiscally responsible while enjoying the finer things in life.

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